Greatest Tables from the Best Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia

Wood is the most famous material used to build furniture. This material meets almost any style of interior. It is also a strong material for outdoor furniture. But, speaking about the best furniture made of wood, make sure you get one from trusted and recommended teak wood furniture manufacturer Indonesia.

Wooden furniture is perfect for almost all rooms at home. And is extraordinary furniture for outdoor space as well. Among so many types of wooden furniture, let us focus on one of them, wooden table.

Teak Wood Tables for Different Functions

Nusantara Jati creates this magnificent table for small rooms. When you don’t need to use this one, you can hide the ‘wings’ of the table. When you need to gather around this table with your family, expand the wings and you’ll get enough space for everyone. Extending table is a brilliant choice for those who have small dining room.

  1. Oval Wooden Table

Oval teak wood table from is going to be a nice choice for families who have kids. The round edges make the table save for active kids. Oval tables are also excellent option for those who have traditional interior. Round edges create more traditional feel that matches traditional dining room. Complement this table with old fashioned dining chairs.

  1. Rectangular Wooden Table

For modern dining room, rectangular table made of wood is a genius choice. Teak wood furniture manufacturer Indonesia‘s rectangular table comes with sleek style and simple design. Those rectangular tables can be matched with metal chairs, wooden chairs, and even plastic chairs. But if you’re going to place the table outside, complete it with strong teak wooden chairs.

  1. Round Wooden Table

This one is designed by to complete a dining room of a newlywed couple. Couple with no kids can enjoy romantic dinner with this simple round table. This is also a perfect option to complete your patio. With lounge chairs on both sides of the low round table, your leisure moments will be more satisfying. Place some fresh drinks and snacks on the table.

  1. Square Wooden Table

Another option for couple is the square teak wooden table. This one is a better choice for couples who live in a smaller house. The simple design and minimalist style of Nusantara Jati’s square tables make them fit for smaller spaces. Pick one that matches your interior design the most and adjusts the chairs around this table to make the room looks well decorated.

Which one between Nusantara Jati’s five incredible teak tables that suit your style the most? Those tables are made of teak wood in extremely high quality. And since teak woods are stronger than other types of woods, you can even place those tables in your exposed patio.

Feel free to compare those tables’ quality with the other tables from the other teak wood furniture manufacturer Indonesia. That is actually an essential step you need to take to get the best wooden table either for your interior or exterior.