Ultimate Guides from Trusted Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Wooden furniture can be made of assorted types of woods. But the best one is made of teak. Indonesia has a great teak furniture manufacturer that is going to give a new look to your interior and even exterior. Yet, before you buy some teak wooden furniture, it is always best to understand why teak is better than the others.

Get some details about teak wood furniture below and you’ll see why this type of furniture is an incredible option for your house.

Teak Furniture Guide from Recommended Teak Furniture Manufacturer

  1. Quality Finishing of Teak Furniture

Some furniture made of teak is unfinished while some others are sealed. Placing your furniture under the sun means you let them turn to grey as time flies. If you like that lush look, get the unfinished teak wood furniture. But if you want the teakwood looks beautiful all the time, teakwood furniture that’s sealed is for you.

  1. Long Lasting Furniture

Teak wood furniture is not designed for those who love to redecorate their interior and exterior constantly. Teak wood is pricey furniture that’s long lasting. It will be a totally waste if you replace your teak wood furniture in a year or two since it will last longer. So if you’re a person who’s easy to get bored, pick some other furniture instead of teak wood.

  1. Nature Friendly Teak Wood Furniture

In past, teak wood furniture was devastating the ecosystems and also exploiting local people. But teak wood furniture today was made of teak wood that grows on the plantations. Many of teak wood furniture are completed with certificate that said they’re environmentally friendly. That certification shows that the techniques of plantation fulfill the requirements.

  1. Oiling Teak Wood Furniture

Some teak furniture manufacturers suggest oiling teak to maintain the furniture’s color. Unfortunately, oiling will promote mildew and mold. If your teak wood furniture is placed inside, the sun is not going to fade it quickly. If you place them outside under the sunlight, you may want to oil your teak wood furniture.

  1. Clean Your Teak Wood Furniture Properly

Your teak wood furniture must be cleaned from stains, dust, and dirt every year. Regular cleaning requires diluted cleanser and bristle brush. If someone accidentally spill something on your teak wood furniture, special cleanser for teak is required. And if your furniture gets nasty scratch, you may need to sand your teak wood furniture gently.

The key for long lasting teak wood furniture is purchasing it from trusted teak furniture manufacturer. And among so many manufacturers of teak wood furniture, Nusantara Jati is recommended place to get best one. No low quality teak wood is used to make any furniture in Nusantara Jati.

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