One of Best Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

The furniture industry in Indonesia has long been one of the world’s largest in terms of furniture manufacturing and furniture exporting. As one of the world’s fastest growing furniture manufacturers and most popular furniture exporters, Indonesia’s furniture market is highly segmented and competitive. Therefore, as the overall furniture industry in Indonesia continues to grow — mainly driven by the rise of export values — the leading Indonesian furniture manufacturers are expected to face stronger pressure from other emerging domestic industrial rivals and major furniture exporters in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Nusantara jati is one of best furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Nusantara jati is a high quality teak garden outdoor furniture manufacturer and wholesale that served purchasing of variety furniture products both online and offline as well as exporters from Indonesia with best price and satisfaction guarantee.

Nusantara Jati only used best quality teak material in each product that is supported by professional human resources and advanced equipment to produce high quality furniture products with varied design options. The types of teak that we provide are divided into several categories of quality, so you can be free to choose and adjust with the budget. We provide various kinds of furniture products, like teak garden bench, teak garden table, chairs, garden steamer and we also accept custom design of teak garden furniture.

As exporter from Indonesia for teak furniture garden or furniture outdoors with the best price and satisfaction guarantee, Nusantara Jati is also working with courier or cargo reliable to ensure the shipping process with a guarantee of product safety to the destination a. Not only guarantee for shipping, the process of packaging is also done carefully using a variety of package options such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, carton box to save the furniture from clash or accident that may occur when the shipping process. To obtain high quality of teak furniture at competitive prices, Nusantara Jati is the most appropriate choice.

Nusantara Jati products are highly variable with best quality. We are almost produced our product by our local master carpenters who really skilled in handmade with supporting by good manufacturing process. Our Product range : bench, launger, table.

As one of the most in demand furniture, it is easy to find outdoor patio furniture wholesales, even you can find it in conventional furniture stores only, but you can also find it online. Nusantara Jati is one of exporter from Indonesia for outdoor teak garden furniture with best price and satisfaction guarantee which provides a wide selection of teak furniture with varying sizes and designs. All ready for shipping products on manufacturer are teak chairs, tables, lounger, benches and others. With the selection of quality teak wood material and supported with the good workmanship, it will produce good quality of ready ship teak furniture. Nevertheless, before deciding to purchase teak furniture, it would be better if you are well familiar with exactly how the quality of teak wood used and the quality of teak outdoor furniture manufacturer who process them. After knowing the quality of teak furniture, the next task is to choose the design which is the most precise and appropriate, because in a teak furniture wholesale, you will find many models, types and sizes of furniture, even some sellers also accept teak garden furniture custom design.