Teak Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Teak is the most durable, hardest and strongest wood, its making teak become the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Used in shipbuilding since the middle ages, it continues to be used today in the construction of ships and high-end yachts and boats.

Teak used for a wide range of outdoor furniture and became 1950’s teak became the most popular choice for outdoor furniture material in US . From large garden tables to elegant cabinets and patio furniture, teak has the flexibility that many furniture makers are looking for today.

Teak has all of the things one could wish for in a wood used for outdoor furnishings. It resists decay, repels water, doesn’t shrink or swell, ages well, and is incredibly strong. Teak’s secret lies in its tight grain and natural oils. Teak oil is all that is necessary to maintain the wood’s beautiful golden luster.

Teak outdoor furniture has an ability to withstand all types of weather. Teak is one of the few woods in the world with natural oil which repels water, it keeping teak from, cracking and brittle. Teak outdoor furniture will withstand the harsh effects of hard rains, severe winter snow storms and broiling sun without its strength diminishing.

Once plagued by sustainability issues, due to the misinformation that old growth teak was the most desirable, most teak furniture in the western world now comes from carefully managed plantations. The best thing of teak wood for creating outdoor furniture is in its high price.

Teak is a hard wood. Teak is strong and durable, able to withstand extremes of cold and heat. It also means that it can provide a lifetime and more of use indoors. Teak durability means that it is unlikely to suffer from rotting or many other afflictions that can attack other woods.

Teak containing wood’s high oil, it make teak will fade to a beautiful even colored patina and will not look or black or patchy. If you want to show off it’s showroom luster, you can apply a natural teak sealer from a marine store when needed. Wood teak outdoor furniture needs no paint or varnish.

The color of teak wood makes it one of the most attractive to furniture material. Teak used for indoor furniture purposes is often oiled to retain its warm golden color and for outdoor furniture, teak can be left to the elements and become an elegant silver-grey color.  The plus-point from teak wood for furniture designers is the strength who can produce a range of pieces that may not be viable using other, softer woods, which often means that you have more narrow range of choice many other woods than in teak.

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